SERSTECH raman spectrometer Serstech Arx

SERSTECH raman spectrometer Serstech Arx

"Serstech Arx represents a revolutionary advancement in the Raman spectroscopy market since 785 nm. Unique SharpEye autofocus protocols are able to achieve the maximum available Raman signal without manual intervention. Small dimensions, low price, its large library and ease of use make it an ideal solution in the Raman spectroscopy market, especially for the identification of narcotics and smuggled substances. ”Dr. Christina Baxter

Category: The standard “fix” for nitro compounds is the addition of vanadium pentoxide as an oxygen donor plus lowering the reduction tube temperature below 600˚C: ,


SERSTECH raman spectrometer Serstech Arx

Serstech Arx is a revolutionary instrument, which represents SharpEieTM - a patented autofocus technology that dramatically improves signal quality. Serstech Arx quickly and accurately identifies unknown substances.

Serstech Arx and SharpEyeTM give accurate results as SharpEyeTM accurately identifies substances, thanks to the automatic obtaining of the optimal focus point in milliseconds. It can detect the difference between a container and an actual substance, giving a better measurement result. Autofocus allows you to detect and minimize fluorescence from containers.

New user interface and efficient workflow. Serstech Arx is built on a modern software platform, putting usability and algorithms in focus. The brand new graphical user interface is easy to navigate, and new features such as guided scanning and quick access enable faster results. New algorithms result in fast and accurate identification of both pure samples and complex mixtures of substances. The results are presented in a simple way, which allows almost anyone to interpret and use. Decision support in seconds.

Really handmade. The Serstech Arx is lighter and smaller compared to previous Serstech models, and again - even more powerful. Serstech Arx allows you to focus on what's important and make decisions based on reliable measurement results - wherever you are.

Easy to use. Serstech Arx is easy to understand and gives accurate answers in seconds. Connect it wirelessly or with a cable to ChemDash for user reporting and management, measurements and libraries. Serstech Arx is designed from the ground up to support a highly efficient workflow!


  • narcotics
  • explosives
  • hazardous chemicals
  • pharmaceutical substances