Spectrum Raman Spectrometer 100 Indicator

Spectrum Raman Spectrometer 100 Indicator


Serstech 100 The indicator is manual, a small and lightweight Raman spectrometer capable of identifying more than 14.000 substances. Customizable with fully validated data rich libraries.

Really handmade. Serstech 100 The indicator is small and light and fits comfortably in your hand or in your uniform pocket. Its robustness, high quality and high performance enable almost laboratory-quality analysis in the field even under difficult conditions.

Adaptable. The same instrument can be adapted to your needs at any time and can identify any combination of explosives, narcotics, toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), pharmaceutical products and chemical warfare agents.

Connected. Manage your devices, measurements and custom substance libraries across your organization with ChemDash – the included management and reporting software.

Easy to use. Serstech 100 The indicator is easy to understand and gives accurate answers in seconds. Connect it wirelessly or with a cable to ChemDash for user reporting and management, measurements and libraries.


  • narcotics
  • explosives
  • hazardous chemicals
  • pharmaceutical substances