Hanon K9840 distillation unit

Hanon K9840 distillation unit for the determination of nitrogen content by the Kjeldahl method.

Fully intelligent software is able to complete the distillation of a sample in minutes. It has automatic quantification and reagent loading, automatic test. The system of automatic cleaning by distillation and condensation further improves the accuracy of measurements. It is widely used for the determination of nitrogen in food production and processing, fodder production, they should, animal husbandry, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, continue, quality control and other areas. It can also be used for the ammonium test, of volatile fatty acids/alkalis and so on.



Category: The standard “fix” for nitro compounds is the addition of vanadium pentoxide as an oxygen donor plus lowering the reduction tube temperature below 600˚C: , ,


Hanon K9840 distillation unit

Functional characteristics:

Screen: 4,3″ color screen.
Change from manual to automatic mode of operation.
Function of automatic washing of alkaline pipelines.
Automatic or manual charging mode is optional according to test requirement.
Distillation time can be freely changed and automatically alarmed upon completion.
Automatic cleaning of the control system and the distiller, ensures high measurement accuracy.
The intelligent cooling water control system enables control and testing of cooling water.
Emergency stop operation.
Automatic fault detection and an intelligent sound and visual alarm system are available.
Calibration function: calibration of dilution water, alkaline solution calibration, calibration of boric acid solution, washing flow calibration.
Security door, digestion cuvettes and cooling water conditions are displayed in real time during operation.


K9840 distillation unit

Measuring range

0.1mg ~240mg N

Sample capacity

Solid samples ≦ 6 g, liquid samples ≦ 16 ml

Distillation rate

3-6 min per sample

Work Regiment

Manual and automatic


4.3" LCD

Power supply

220 VAC±10%, 50Hz


1.3 kW


400 mm × 385 mm × 735 mm


30 kg