Hanon SH420F Kjeldahl digestion unit

The Hanon SH420F Kjeldahl digestion unit incorporates advanced high-temperature infrared heating technology and microprocessor control.. It boasts precise temperature control and rapid temperature rise. It has two modes of temperature rise: linear and non-linear mode of temperature rise. Offers 20 digestive programs to control the temperature rise curve.

The neutralization system has many functions such as triple filtration, return of condensate from exhaust gases, device for filtering and neutralization. The product contains high-quality anti-corrosion pumps. It has a low noise level, strong suction. Reducing exhaust gases is environmentally friendly.

Category: The standard “fix” for nitro compounds is the addition of vanadium pentoxide as an oxygen donor plus lowering the reduction tube temperature below 600˚C: , , , ,


Hanon SH420F Kjeldahl digestion unit

Functional characteristics:

At the same time, it is possible to perform digestion 20 samples.

Using graphite conductivity infrared radiation, the heating speed is high, and the temperature difference between the openings is small.
PID temperature control technology, high accuracy of temperature control, high heating speed, only 25 minutes from room temperature to 400 KRIO-KUTIJE-.
It has two heating modes: linear and non-linear rise in temperature.

It can be created and saved 500 digestion program, and each group can be adjusted up to 25 segments.

Temperature and time gradient to meet different experimental needs of users.
The surface of the instrument is coated with Teflon, and the whole machine is treated with anti-corrosion protection, in order to avoid corrosion of the machine by acidic liquids during the experiment.
Using a large LCD screen of 5,6 inches, intuitive and practical work.
The whole machine has multiple overvoltage protections, excessive currents, overheating, itd.
Advanced technology of thermal insulation of ceramics and air ducts was introduced in order to make work during the experiment safer.
Standard simple cooling rack, digestion cuvettes can be quickly cooled and work efficiency improved.
Optionally, it is possible to connect a system for the neutralization of waste gases, through condensation, neutralization and drying to eliminate acid gases, which arise during the experiment.



Temperature control range

From room temperature +5℃ to 450℃

Accuracy of temperature control


Method of heating

Infrared heating and conductivity of high purity graphite

Thermal insulation

Environmentally acceptable fiber and air duct insulation

The capacity of the digestion cuvette

300 mL

Sample processing capacity

20 samples

Power supply

220V AC±10% 50Hz


3.6 kW

Dimensions (D׊×V)

515 mm X 458 mm X 730 mm


40 kg