Hanon S402 gas elimination unit (Scrubber)

Hanon S402 gas elimination unit (Scrubber), which arise in the process of digestion of samples for nitrogen analysis by the Kjeldahl method

Category: The standard “fix” for nitro compounds is the addition of vanadium pentoxide as an oxygen donor plus lowering the reduction tube temperature below 600˚C: , , ,


Hanon S402 gas elimination unit (Scrubber)

Functional characteristics:
The transparent design of the neutralization unit allows for easy monitoring.
Suction intensity and negative pressure can be adjusted in real time, in order to avoid acid gas overflow.
Anti-corrosive vacuum pump, with a low noise level, great suction power, by reducing the emission of exhaust gases, energy saving and environmental protection.
Triple water filtration system, alkali neutralization and activated carbon filtration have excellent neutralization and adsorption effects and can neutralize acid gases, which are created during Kjeldahl digestion or other processes.
By using corrosion-resistant PTFE hoses, the overall service life of the instrument increases.



Pump extraction capacity

40 L / min

Electricity consumption

320 W

System suction capacity

50-400 mBar

Power supply

220 VAC±10%, 50 Hz


40 Kg